I utilize the process of printmaking to create direct and sincere work. Issues concerning the construction of a home, feelings of belonging and being grounded while at the same time displaced, are the themes presented in my pieces. Love pain, élan, melancholy, yearning, sentiment, and bittersweet longing with all its positives and negatives are the essence and the initial motivation behind my practice; longing for an unreachable utopian vision constructed from ideas and practices of existing, past and present heterotopias. 

Working and creating allows me to unobtrusively rebuild and ground my ideals through my pieces. Conceptual methodology I use is consistent even though certain pieces are carried out through traditional printmaking methods while some take on more modern techniques of photography and video work. This process creates a space that captures layers of identity and its intersectionality in my surroundings. The images are being transformed so that they can be present as a cohesive whole. Additionally, distributive and accessible aspects of printmaking allow me to share the original experience with many people as a political act of love.

Deriving from the traces of more egalitarian ideologies, I am using my specific experience and cultural history to figure out a present I can live in and foster space for the future, without glorifying or romanticizing old regimes. Landscapes hold the traces of political impact, and I capture them as poetic representations. The collage of concrete structures - a hint to socialist architecture I grew up in as a monument of the past, with the position or absence of bodies as the exploration of urban setting assemblages resembles the anxious reaction caused by displacement. Mixed with a dreamy imaginary landscape, the scene becomes romantic, pink, soft and nostalgic.